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From the beginning, the Series 2000 was designed with the capabilities of the first time builder in mind. Through careful planning, design, and engineering, we have taken significant steps to help you obtain your goal of flying your very own Express as quickly as possible. In fact, recent revisions allow for a new Express to be built in under a year of dedicated effort.


The Express Series 2000 combines a unique group of design features which offer a very rare combination of speed, utility, comfort and style. With its sweeping compound curves, the Series 2000 is very aerodynamically efficient, but yet still displays a sense of style, making it one of the most beautiful and stylish airplanes available anywhere. Roominess was another objective. The Series 2000 boasts the largest and most versatile cabin in a 4 place piston aircraft-both certified and kit built! In fact, the Express boasts more cabin room and better performance than most retractable certified aircraft…but with fixed gear and for thousands of dollars less.


Factory moldsNew builders can order the Express as a package kit complete with all the fiberglass components, hardware, landing gear wheels, tires and brakes. Builders will be embarking on a construction program that is designed to lead you quickly and easily through all the carefully-explained procedures. All parts are checked for quality and alignment…everything matches, everything fits and everything is identified. The detailed Builders’s Manual will safely guide and instruct you on how to easily build your aircraft, too. Nevertheless, if you run into a roadblock and get stuck, a quick call to the factory will get you back on your way.


To build an Express, homebuilders need no more than a simple one-car garage to construct all the airframe structures, except for completing the final mating process. In addition, no special tools are required to build the aircraft. Most of your common power tools; a table saw, sander, and drill press are all you need to get started!


Fusilage in process at factoryFor those builders who would rather fly than build, or who aren’t comfortable building a plane by themselves, Express Aircraft offers our revolutionary Builder Assist Program. This structured program allows a builder to assemble their entire Express airframe at the factory in only 3 two-week sessions. No tooling to make, no supplies to buy, no late night questions…just show up to build your airplane. Best of all, you’ll know it’s built correctly. When the airframe is completed, trailer it home or let us Factory Finish it for you. (see attached photos in our factory jigs).


So what’s stopping you from realizing your dream of owning your own high-performance Express? Dozens of them have been flying for over a decade now, and the enthusiasm and excitement of their owners is universal and intense. Isn’t it time you made your dream a reality?


In conclusion, we thank you again for your interest in the Express. Feel free to contact us here at the factory should you have any further questions, or if you would like to order a new Series 2000 kit.